Dear Senator Warren,

The Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus would like to thank you for running for the US Presidency. We respect the way in which you fearlessly took on the establishment and fought the toughest fights with confidence. While we, like you, hoped the outcome could have been different and that we would be in Washington in 2021 celebrating your inauguration as the first female president of the United States, we are not giving up the fight. You ran a race with intelligence, good humor and stamina that most can only wish to emulate. Most importantly, you taught a whole new generation of young girls that women run for President because that’s what girls do.

You have inspired us – young and more seasoned- to continue our mission to increase the number of women elected and appointed to political office. We do so with hope, vision and optimism that we will succeed. We in Massachusetts have the honor and pleasure of working with you as our Senator. Thank you for your spectacular run. It was amazing and we will continue to dream big and fight hard. We deeply appreciate your leadership, integrity and vision. You have made a huge difference.


Pamela E. Berman
President, MWPC

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