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To the editor:

While the rest of the nation is locked in a debate over whether the Democrats or Republicans should be elected to office, the voters in Berkshire County find themselves having to decide between two Democrats vying to be District Attorney: the one who was chosen by the people — Andrea Harrington — and the candidate who lost to her, Paul Caccaviello who has mounted a write-in campaign after losing to Harrington in the primary.

Harrington has witnessed the challenges in our court systems while working on death row and other cases. This distinctive vantage point gives her a different outlook on the judicial system. With Harrington we can expect insight, ingenuity and vision for a stronger legal system in Berkshire County, rather than the status quo that has become the norm in the DA’s office in the past.

Harrington will protect those who are more at risk of being abused by the judicial system — mainly women and people of color. She intends to pay attention to the cases that are often neglected or ignored, suck as cases of sexual assault. Her experience allows her to recognize these cases and fuel her desire to make the system work for all residents in our community, especially those who have been marginalized or neglected. This is important work and we need a district attorney who understands that and will make this office a priority. Andrea Harrington is that person.

On Nov. 6 only one candidates’ name will be printed on the ballot in the district attorney race: Andrea Harrington’s. In my opinion, she’s the best candidate for the job and she has my vote. I hope she will have yours as well.

Amy Diamond,

The writer is chairman of the Berkshire Committee of the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus.